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1The best eLiquid. Our eLiquid selection is constantly growing, and you’re bound to find one you will fall in love with!

Vape Pens

2Breathe easier. At Vape Paradise, we have many different variations of vape pens. To put it simply, we have something for everybody. From standard non adjustable starter kits to variable voltage kits… We’ve got you covered!


3Feeling adventurous? Do you want to make a statement? Take the next step with our wide selection of variable voltage and variable wattage devices. For our advanced users, we also have a wide selection of mechanical mods.


4Looking for a more stylish drip tip? Fresh Coil? More storage space? We’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.


We got some great vape mail today!

As pictured from left to right, we have the: LE Copper Cartel Clone, Gold Turtleship v3 clone, Stainless Steel Turtleship v3 Clone, Manhattan Clone, Carbon Fiber Mod, Stingray X Clone, and the XXIX. Come check them out in person today!

2 days ago

Hey vapers! We've been so impressed by the feedback received from our giveaway, that we have decided to offer a second tier prize! At 1,750 page likes we will have an additional drawing for a PATRIOT RDA (clone) and two 10ml bottles of our house eLiquid. Just like, comment, and share this post! Good luck! ...

3 days ago

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Aletta Houser HargisMy Vape is Pink to honor Breast Cancer color 2 days ago

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It's giveaway time! We're giving away a Chi You mechanical mod (clone) and two bottles of our house eLiquid. All you have to do is like our page, then like, comment, and share this post. When we reach 1,700 page likes, we will randomly choose a winner based on the entries. Be sure to follow our Instagram page for a second chance to win. Good luck! ...

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Bee VapinNICE!!!! Josh TostonMabee Karen Karen Knott Junkin Karen Zopfi Ladue Keith LibbyRegi AmosJoshua Hudson Sr. Alley Lynn1   ·  4 days ago

Don SissionThanks for the chance to win this.1   ·  4 days ago

Melony BrittainThanks for letting me know Kristy Davis!! I would love to win it too :). Good luck.1   ·  4 days ago

Karen Knott JunkinHope to win, thanks for the chance. Christopher Junkin Candace Junkin Hope Wilkerson Rayne Beau Vaper Clifford Beatty Bionicunderwear Vaper Vapin Atom Bee Vapin Vaping Amy Vaping April O NC Vaping Vaping Kleen Atom Vaping D.d. Vapinski Esther Vaping Hawkeye Vaping LatinLady Vaping Lauren Vapinmommy Natalie's Vaping Page Randy VapingRyan Stacie Vapinnurse Steele Vaping Vapin Bo Renée Vapechic Dupuis Vapin Bill Vapin Evolution Vapin Brad Vaping Amber Hicks Vaping Barb Vaping Briggs Vaping Bunnie Vaping Chicks Vaping Cloud Vaping Crazyhorse Vapinggalphilly Vaper LaDii Vapes Vaping Granny Vaping Harleygirl Vaping Hippychick Vaping Jester Vaping Mainiac Vaping Mimi1   ·  4 days ago

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Be sure to follow our Instagram! @myvapeparadise ...

4 days ago

Tank Tuesday! Come into any three of our locations and get a free tank fill of our Juice of the Week. This week it's:

Paducah: Dragon's Blood & French Vanilla

Mayfield: Turtle Treats

Murray: Mon-STAR

4 days ago

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Dovpo Vapordude, pls check your e-mech mod.1   ·  3 days ago

Ecig Mech Modzna 30 mod, have interests?3 days ago

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Now available: the Plume Veil RDA [CLONE]


-Stainless steel body

-Dual, single or quad coil compatible

-Phillips screws

-Deep juice well

-Milled negative posts.. So no turning!

-Adjustable single or dual air-flow

-Unique airflow brings air from 3 places - slots in front of coils, holes through negative posts & holes in top cap for vacuum effect!

-Engraved logo

-Delrin insulator

- Matching Plume Veil drip tip included

-Gold plated base and negative posts, along with 510 contact

-Stainless steel positive block

1 week ago

Paducah now carries the Suicide Bunny line! Five flavors! Mother's Milk, Madrina, The O.B., Sucker Punch, and Derailed.

Delicious! Come try them out today!

1 week ago

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Vape ParadiseThis line will be making its rounds to other stores shortly!1   ·  1 week ago

Veronica C. RichmondYUMMY MOTHERS MILK :P1 week ago

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Hey Vapers! All of our locations now carry the IPV V2 50W device!

This incredible new device will read down to .2 ohm, and up to 3ohm!
It also boasts:
Touch sensor firing button
Aluminum case
Uses 18650 battery that can be charged while in device or on external charger
VW up to 50W, VV up to 8.5V

Come on by and grab yours today!!

2 weeks ago

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Vape ParadiseMatt Kendig They are $119.99!2 weeks ago

Matt KendigHow much???2 weeks ago

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In the market for a new tank? Any Kanger Protank style is now 15% off (excluding any of the Aero series). Pick up a Protank 3 and receive a FREE Aero Base! ...

3 weeks ago

Hey Vapers!

We are loving the Facebook Friday pics! Keep em coming! You still have until we close tonight to get your picture posted and come pick up your free juice!

3 weeks ago

Breathe Easier.